What is a wellness consultant?

A wellness consultant is someone who provides support and guidance in your journey to optimal well- being. They can teach you how to have a more balanced life by promoting a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to feel better emotionally and physically. The consultant will assess, educate, motivate, encourage and hold you accountable.

Working with a wellness consultant is an effective way to manage your thinking, and behavioral patterns. A wellness consultant will help you overcome roadblocks that prevent you from reaching and maintaining your goals.

Wellness consulting is not therapy or a medical intervention.

Why work with Michele at Whole Body Fitness?

Michele Penta is licensed mental health counselor and certified personal trainer who received her master’s degree in 1996 in counseling and psychological services.

Her approach to wellness is to keep it simple yet effective. Each session includes educational information, and confidential non-judgmental discussions that promote positive change. You will be given homework.

Michele believes that wellness is a process that can be achieved through having the right mindset. The transformations starts from the inside out.

The goal is for you to leave sessions feeling renewed, inspired and hopeful.

People can easily list all the circumstances that hold them back. Together we will find the solutions that help you move forward.

Topics of discussion are broad yet tailored to your individual needs. Some examples of topics are why you eat what you do, attitude toward fitness, stress reduction, accountability, self-sabotage, identifying harmful patterns.

Reasons to call and get started….

If you are ready to get honest and gain greater self-awareness.

If you are ready to examine your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

If you are ready to make a commitment to making positive changes.

If you want to learn techniques to help increase your ability to control yourself.

If you want to feel healthier, happier and more productive

Call Michele Penta, MS, LMHC, CPT Wellness Consultant.                           Whole Body Fitness   603-473-1062 

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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