How the red chairs schooled me on dieting

Chris and I bought 2 red velvet chairs over the summer at an auction. The purpose was to sell them . It’s a new hobby for us. The chairs were lovely. But I  truly didn’t think much about them. I knew we didn’t buy them for keeps. The day Chris posted them to be sold, we immediately got 6 interested buyers! Good news right ? But I started to panic! What do these people know that I don’t know? Maybe WE should keep the chairs! I started feeling like a 4 year old tantruming screaming, ” mine, mine, MINE”!!!! So…with Chris’s support I was able to release the chairs. But it got me thinking about how quickly we start grasping and clinging once we are told, ” You can have that”! It’s easy to apply this thinking to dieting. Do you go a little cra cra when you tell yourself ” You can’t have that”? The good news is…we made a nice profit, which eased my pain. The feeling of deprivation quickly dissolved. Out of sight out of mind.  Life will go on…without the red chairs, chocolate chip cookies or what ever you think you can’t live without in the moment! Just be aware of the “Red Chair Syndrome “😜


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  1. Lisa Kimball says:

    The little red chairs have become such a learning tool to many of us!! I will picture those chairs when I need the reinforcement!! Thanks for sharing

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