“Something just came to me!!”

Chris frequently will say that after he meditates. His vision could be anything from a new exercise class to a way to insulate the pipes . Chris is a very creative person. He says his best ideas appear during meditation, when walking in the woods or after a motorcycle ride. Chris has been meditating for years now. The change is profound! Along with being artsy he has always been pretty chill. But periodically he would get upset over something small or out of his control. Like snow. I would say in my most precessional yet annoying voice, ” You are having an exaggerated response to a rather minute stimulus.” In grad school we were forced to meditate. I thought it was stupid. But there were a few times that I was like…what just happened? It’s been years since I told Chris, I was going to take a meditation course at http://www.imcnewburyport.org/ He said, ” I want in!” We have been meditating consistently ever since. You can experience a variety of benefits from meditating . Once you learn to quiet your mind, your concentration can shift causing your brain to function differently. Meditation can help you discover cool ideas and find answers to questions you struggle with. Next time you meditate, try asking yourself a question. It doesn’t have to be a question about your life’s purpose or anything deep. The question can be something you’re just not sure about. “What should I blog about tomorrow ?”


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