The Day My Hair Fell Out

Well it was actually happening for months. But I will never forget the day my dermatologist confirmed it. She put her hands on my legs, looked me in the eye and said, “Yes, Michele your hair is falling out.” I’ve always had unruly hair and had negative feelings about it. I would say things like, ” I hate my hair!” “I have terrible hair!” The doc did a simple blood test and determined my thyroid was malfunctioning. I started taking a tiny pill and within a few months my crazy, frizzy hair returned! It’s amazing how much I love my big mop now! Going through this process changed my relationship with my hair, but not my whole body. I still have to stop myself when my disdain moves to another body part. It’s interesting how quickly we can come up with a list of what we don’t like about our appearance. It takes effort to stop this process. Can you stop yourself? Nothing good comes from focusing on the negative aspects of ourselves. I may never love the way my thighs look in leggings. But I love the places my legs bring me and they provide Rocco with a cozy place to snuggle. Try focusing on function, strength or purpose of your body if you struggle with negative thoughts about appearance.


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  1. April says:

    Ugh… Isn’t this the truth! I try and try but it’s so hard to not look at the negative. I could right now bust out 20 things I hate about myself and still have more to add to the list. Yet I could look at you or the next person and find 20 that are positive. We are our worse critics and our own worst enemies. Changing the way we think is so hard especially since we’ve been doing it for so long. I also know I didn’t just do this to myself, I also learned some of it. My mother, my beautiful mother was never confident with herself. I can still remember to this day “her” question “am I fat”. She’s ask my dad, my sister even Meir my brother. It makes me sad to think how insecure she was/is. This is something I do not want to give to my boys. But trying to change the way we work and think is so difficult.


  2. plankful says:

    It might take a while before we look in the mirror and say, “Hello Foxy!” LOL! But we can take a second and pat ourselves on the back when we do something that makes us strong, productive or cool!! I just finished a book by Dr. Rick Hanson (see my entry The Law of Little Things Under Techniques in my newly organized MENU). He has written a couple books. But he talks about how we are all hard wired to focus on the negative. His research made me feel better! It’s not just me! Changing mindset takes time and effort. But it’s worth it!!!


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