An Apple A Day?!

I’m excited to read a book that came out this month. “Cure: A Journey into Science of Mind Over Body,” by Jo Marchant. The author sounds like a real smarty pants. She has a PhD in medical microbiology and genetics. I heard part of an interview with her on the radio and I’m intrigued. She was talking about the placebo effect. I  am fascinated by the concept that people can be given fake medicine and feel better. I truly believe if I eat an apple a day, it keeps the doctor away. I have tested this hypothesis for 10 years or so. I typically get one cold every three years. I’m sure there are numerous other contributing factors. I am also sure if we run out of apples, I will get a stuffy nose. Researchers have seen the placebo effect on brain scans. That validates this mysterious response with measurable findings! There is also a phenomenon called the “nocebo effect”. This is when a person feels they experienced a negative consequence as a reaction to a fake treatment. Kind of like a hex . My friend Jeannine was having a hard time meeting me at the gym in the morning. I told her if she no showed, something terrible would happen to me. I know, I know! That’s awful! But it got her out of bed and into her sneakers! The placebo/ nocebo effects are just more examples of the power of mental attitude. Dr. Joe Dispenza wrote a book called “You Are The Placebo.” In his book he talks about actual documented cases that people were healed by thought alone. Many doctors believe back pain is in your head. If you told me that, when I was suffering with intense pain from a herniated disc, I might of hurt you. Or at least thought you where an insensitive jerk! People get offended when you tell them their issue are manifested by their thinking. This trickery can be used for or against your health. Is it possible to use the placebo effect to achieve your wellness goals? Is it a placebo, if I think planks saved me from back surgery? Hocus pocus or not. I’m Plankful 😄


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  1. c.l.skellern says:

    Placebo effect is definitely a real thing. The mind has great power over the body. (I also have eaten an apple a day for almost my whole life and only get one or two colds a year).

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    1. plankful says:

      Imagine if everyone had an apple a day 😜

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