Some People Call Me The Space Cowboy

Some people call me the gangster of love. Ok, nobody calls me either of those things. I heard that catchy Steve Miller song this morning and I can’t get it out of my head! But it got me thinking. What do people call me behind my back? Would I really want to know? Oprah once suggested to ask people, “is there something about me that I don’t seem to notice, that is obvious to everyone else.” If you choose to try this, make sure you ask someone who isn’t passive aggressive. You don’t want to involve someone who would use this question as an opportunity to slam you. This is an exercise that intention is critical. The purpose would be to gain meaningful insight. When I facilitate a group, I tell everyone it’s their job to hold the mirror up to the others in the group and give feedback . This is done in a respectful manner that promotes learning and personal growth. I think we all have aspects of ourselves that we are oblivious to. Not everyone is ready to accept this kind of input. Are you? It’s ok if you’re not. It’s something you can build up to by just being mindful and wondering how you are perceived. Does that image match what you are trying to portray? This isn’t about changing to make other people happy and getting approval. It’s about increasing self awareness. I’m going to get my BFF Gail do this with me today! We haven’t played this game in years! I remember the last time I gave Gail “The Oprah question.” She said,” Oh no! I’m not doing that!” Hahaha!!! Do you have a supportive, honest, and helpful person you can get to play?


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  1. Good idea, but I can see it backfiring with the wrong person as you said. Some people can be just too critical and those in a fragile state can be left feeling worse. But a good idea to do with the right person. I was once told that at a meeting I kept saying the same words over and over and I certainly didn’t notice it myself, so it does make me wonder what else people notice about me.

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    1. plankful says:

      So true! It’s not an activity to be done with just anyone. I was once told years ago I said “Dude” a lot! Lol! I still say Dude. But to this day I think of that comment when I say it!

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