Trying to lose weight is difficult. There are biological, psychological, financial, social, environmental, hormonal and other factors that impact the process. The most trying aspect might be the suck factor. There are moments we could scream, “F this!!!” If we are being honest with ourselves, we would realize the suffering is not as constant as we think. If you don’t believe me, try keeping track. If you are attempting to lose weight, start a “Suck-O-Meter Journal”. Write down how often you feel tortured. Try rating it 1-10. How many minutes a day do you spend in full blown diet misery? How long can you take it until you cave? Or if you ride it out how long did it take for a 10 to go to a 9? How important is your attitude? I bet you will discover most of the day you are, just fine. There are moments of discomfort. During these occasions you might feel like giving in because the distress could be intense. Instead of eating something you will regret in 5 minutes, write in your S.O.M.Journal! Then let me know about your experience!


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  1. It’s so easy to crave foods when you’re losing weight. I think the body is fighting change and makes you crave food so you fatten back up to your ‘usual’ weight. But writing it down, much better idea 🙂
    I love the name ‘suck-o-meter journal’ 🙂

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    1. plankful says:

      You are so right! Plus the food we are sold has addictive chemicals to get us hooked to keep buying their garbage. I love that name too 😜

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