We Are In This Together 

Friday I attended a large conference in Boston. The room was filled with hundred of service providers with the same purpose. To help victims. The message was clear. We are in this together.

Last week we started a new weight loss contest at Whole Body Fitness. We added a new twist. People were randomly placed on a team. The purpose is to promote positive change through accountability and support. The message is clear. We are in this together.

I think it’s cool to have a bunch of people doing the same thing at the same time. The energy at WBF of everyone doing the same exercise, together is what gets people out of their comfort zone. This includes ending Core Class with 5 minutes of meditation.

The power of a group can offer motivation to individuals to accomplish things they just can’t or wouldn’t do by themselves. The sense of community empowers people. Everyone has a job to do when participating in a group. Sometimes your duty is to listen, talk, ask questions, motivate, challenge, participate  or encourage. Your role will fluctuate week to week. But your main responsibility in any group is to just be present and available. When people feel supported they can accomplish anything. Giving someone the vibe, “You are not alone”, is one of the most meaningful gifts possible.

My clients that have attended AA for years say, “You need to go the most, when you don’t want to go.” I skipped the big Boston conference the past couple years. Too busy. Attending this one gave me an inspirational boost that will push me along for a while. This gathering had power in the numbers. I also believe in the power of 2. It only takes one person to hold your hand and pull you along. Do you ask for a helping hand when you need it?  Do you give it to others when they need you?

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” — Mother Teresa

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  1. kalison0515 says:

    I’m curious — what kind of conference was this that helps victims. And they’re “victims” of what? I agree with you that it can really benefit folks to know they can be part of a community striving toward the same goal. Where self-motivation might fail, the encouragement and support of others can help.

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    1. plankful says:

      MOVA conference! MOVA stands for Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance. It’s a state agency. But every state has one out of their Attorney General’s Office. They provide free services to victims of violent crimes. It’s federal money that is from court fees paid by defendants then gets funneled down to each state. So essentially bad guy money funds services through out the states. Pretty cool!!!

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  2. Miriam says:

    What a great post. I agree that the collective power of a group can be huge.

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    1. plankful says:

      Thank you!!!!!

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  3. c.l.skellern says:

    People coming together is very powerful. We can always achieve more as a group.

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