Reality Check 

I bought another black pair of pants. Do I NEED additional trousers? Depends who you ask. I have long ones, short ones, chinos, flared, straight, skinny, thick, thin, summer, winter, cargo and I still WANT more! I continue to purchase pants, to be prepared, because they are on sale and I don’t want to go without. When I want two, and only buy one, I feel proud of myself for mastering self discipline. But I also feel deprived when I leave one pair of capris on the rack. But it’s really neither discipline or deprivation. It’s a psychological process that I go through in my head. I can convince myself of what I think I NEED.

The same struggle between these forces occur when we are considering food choices. A huge factor is our perception of the event. Do we want to focus on lack and what we couldn’t have? Or do we want to focus on the inner strength we all possess to achieve our fitness and wellness goals? When others are eating pizza and we are eating salad, is that deprivation? Definitely not from a nutritional stand! Our bodies NEED the vegetables in salad more that the stuff in pizza. It FEELS like deprivation from an emotional view, because we have conditioned ourselves to believe that. The good news is we can change our reactions to the situation! The switch is in our mind! Discipline is not a skill we are born wth. It is something we build. It starts in our thoughts. I am not deprived because I have 11 pairs of black pants instead of 12. You are not deprived because you had oatmeal instead of a muffin.

Today, when you have the choice between this or that, healthy or not, stop the thought train in its tracks! Ask yourself is this behavior bringing me closer to where I want to be? Remind yourself you are developing the skills to make choices that are going to make you healthier and happier in the long run. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!


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