Difficult Times Are Opportunities 


It’s easy to do the right thing when everything is going well. I’m in a good mood, my lunch is packed in little containers and there’s no pita chips in sight. The true measure of my progress is when the bread basket is placed in front of me. Then what do I do? But more importantly how do I feel? Panicked or peaceful? There are countless theories on how to address eating issues. Everything in moderation? Pre-planned portion control? Calorie or carb counting? Stay away from temptation? Just say no? Mindfulness? Provide an attractive alternative?

However you decide to deal with your struggle it is important to reflect on the scenario. This is how we learn about ourselves. What was going on before, during and after? I’m talking about when we succeed in following through with making a good choice and when we don’t. Each person that is attempting to squash an undesirable behavior reacts differently to each intervention. We all probably have an unhealthy relationship with something. It could be your phone, tv, exercise, computer, shopping or food. The list is endless. I’m purposely using the word unhealthy instead of addiction to be user friendly. Most people won’t admit they are addicted to checking their email, but they will acknowledge they do it a lot.

My best friend Gail had to go without her phone this week. I know she is not addicted to her phone because it takes about 6 hours for her to return a text. She said it felt weird to be without it. She also said, there was also a sense of freedom. I can say I am experiencing something similar around sugar. I gave up the white stuff for Lent but decided to start February 1st. I have gone 3 full months of being sugar free. I can confirm what they say is true! It gets easier! Right now, today, in this moment, sugar is a non issue for me. I tried to find a balance with sugar for years. How much can I have and feel at peace. The answer is zero. I am happiest without it.

The zero policy might not be what you need. Get curious! Experiment! Don’t rely on the medical community to tell you what to eat. There was a time doctors smoked and told their patients it was ok to smoke in moderation. I’m not hating on doctors. I’m suggesting you try different techniques and see how your body responds. What’s my plan for sugar? Right now I am enjoying the break. Does your object of desire have a healthy place in your life? Or could it be replaced with an apple, a walk, a good laugh or a hug?


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  1. Miriam says:

    Great post, lots to think about, I could probably handle cutting right back on the white stuff. Good for you, keep it up, especially if you’re feeling good. 🙂

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    1. plankful says:

      Thank you!!! It has been a pleasant surprise how easy it has become! And trust me…I loved all things sweet!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Miriam says:

        Wow. Makes me think there’s hope for me. My problem is that my family would still be consuming lots of it and my will power and self discipline is next to zero.

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