Sshhh…Look and Listen

For weeks Chris and I couldn’t come up with a name for the Saint Bernard puppy that will be joining our family very soon. We have a cat Rocco and a dog Angelo. We wanted something that would go with their names. I did research. I read long lists of names to Chris, but nothing clicked. I believe answers big and small are always trying to present themselves to us. We just need to get quiet and be open. I find meditation helpful when I’m stuck. I ask a question at the beginning of my session. Sometimes I get an answer right away. And sometimes it takes a few days. As the arrival date got closer, I asked, “What should we name the puppy?” Four days later, while looking at a picture of the puppy Chris said again, “look at the heart shaped marking on his left hip!” The answer was there all along. His name will be Valentino!!! This might be a silly example of what I’m trying to explain. But I believe these situations occur all around us all the time. We rack our brains and stress over solutions. Is it possible we just need to ask and listen?

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  1. Ulyana Frank says:

    Awww hi adorable Valentino!!

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