When I was one, a family friend gave my two year old sister a piece of candy unbeknownst to my mother. It was 1970. People did shit like that back then. Apparently Andrea decided to give it to me, while we were sitting in our car seats, as Mom was driving down a busy city street. When she noticed I was turning color and making strange noises, she pulled over and freaked out. This scene was witnessed by a man working at the top of a telephone pole, next to where my mom frantically parked the car. My mother said she didn’t see him until he slid down the pole and grabbed me out of my mother’s arms. This stranger took control and yelled, “Lady, I’ve got 6 kids! I will handle this!” He smacked me on the back, the candy went flying and he saved my life. I have my mother tell me this story all the time. I love a good story about being in the right place at the right time. I have experienced many strange occurrences since the choking incident. None so dramatic, yet pretty cool. These mysterious events leave me wondering in awe about unseen forces we call coincidences. The older I get the more spiritual/ religious I get. I don’t talk a lot about my beliefs in this area because I’m still formulating them. I am also wondering where these magical forces were the day my mom cut my hair? Or the day she decided to get professional pictures of her work. Somethings we may never know…


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  1. Miriam says:

    Oh I absolutely love the quote you finished with. I so believe that everything happens for a reason. Even if we don’t understand what it is.

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    1. plankful says:

      Me too!!! Don’t you feel like the more you notice/ respect it, the more it happens!?

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      1. Miriam says:


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  2. omtatjuan3 says:

    Very good post

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    1. plankful says:

      Thanks so much!!!


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