I Smell Temptation 

My favorite ice cream place is a 30 second walk from my new office. They don’t even sell frozen yogurt. Their stuff is hard core, calorie dense, homemade and absolutely fabulous!My old office was a 10 minute walk round trip. That seemed to be enough distance to create the out of site out of mind mentality. Now, I can smell it.

At the end of my first week in my new position, I considered taking my peops out for a treat! It would of been so easy to justify. It’s a celebration! I want to do something nice “for them.” But I also knew, if they wanted ice cream they would get it. This situation was about my infatuation with the creamy deliciousness that lives too close for comfort.

Sometimes we get a hankering for something that we aren’t sure if it’s a good idea to partake. You may experience unrest along with desire. Things get confusing when both feelings present themselves at the same time. Should I or shouldn’t I? If there is reservation, don’t do it. That is your internal alarm system warning you, not now. If you don’t have peace before you engage in a behavior, you won’t have it after. We all need to learn to listen to our gut when it’s talking. Even if that message is muffled with other noise. Temptation is all around. That doesn’t mean we should indulge. The object of my desire is ice cream. But you can plug your own “thing” into the equation.

Having ice cream is not always a bad thing. There are times I feel 100% good about living it up and I dig in. There are other times I know the urge to get a scoop is, an itch I can’t scratch. When I’m tuned in, I can recognize the difference.

Life isn’t about being “good”, productive and focused all the time. I do think it makes a difference when we feel good about our choices. When we follow our true inner guide it will lead us in the right direction. Currently,  I’m at home and I have a million things tasks to accomplish. But both dogs are on the couch looking adorable and cozy. I feel great about delaying my to do list for a furry snuggle break! 


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  1. I really love this post because it is so true. I know when I have given in to my temptations there is always so much guilt attached to it that I don’t enjoy it like I should. There is something to be said for allowing ourselves to treat ourselves every now and then . I do think we are way too hard on ourselves at times.

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    1. plankful says:

      I agree. The exact same behavior could be perfect at one point and all wrong at a different time. Sometimes the unsettled feeling is smaller than the urge. Cravings/urges can be so strong. It seems like we must go in that direction. When we listen to our inner selves… There’s no guilt. When we listen to just our desires that’s when guilt and regret appear. Treats are fantastic and we must enjoy! I guess it’s just figuring out when to do so? This is one of life’s biggest struggles!


  2. One of my many mantras… Deprivation serves little purpose. 🙂

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