What Can You Do?

We all have the ability to feel stronger. One way to increase your inner strength is through physical activity. But the reverse is also true. Exercise has a powerful impact on us mentally and emotionally. We all know we can get stronger, if we exercise. Inner strength works a like a muscle too. There are ways to build emotional stamina. Most of us could benefit from the ability to handle life’s ups and downs a little better. Some days saying, “NO!” to foods that aren’t on your plan will take everything you’ve got! It is possible to get to a point that we can handle stress without running for a bag of chips.

Physical and emotional strength are so closely related, when one improves, so can the other. The best personal example I have is from doing planks. Planks have improved my core strength so dramatically, that I no longer have back issues. Planks have also built up my mental resiliency. Each time I want to give up and I don’t,  I feel stronger physically and mentally. My tolerance for discomfort is significantly better than it used to be. When I have a difficult task outside of the gym and I think I can’t do it, I remember my plank record. Shit! if I can plank for 46 minutes I can do anything!

Our overall state of wellness has several different parts that rely and build on each other. Strength training makes us healthier, happier, powerful and increases confidence. Mental strength is what helps us do what needs to be done, to reach all of our goals. Next time a struggle is initiated between you and a box of Cheezits, drop to the floor and plank! Then jump up and yell, “winning!”

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