Remain Calm

I considered smashing my computer the other day. I like to see myself as a peaceful person. I want to believe I would never follow through on such an aggressive thought. In a moment of full blown frustration, I didn’t feel like myself and I didn’t like it. 

I felt the escalation all morning, while working on something that seemed to get worse the harder I tried. I just kept attempting to force a result.                                              

There is a difference between hard work and a hardship. I felt myself cross over. 

I am happy to say, I don’t find myself in this kind of frenzy very often. Over the years I have trained myself to see the red flags of aggravation early on. I know how to bob and weave and get myself out of tricky situations.

I don’t regret this experience. It was eye opening to know how close “the other side” lives. It also validated my belief that it is best to take a break when your gut is telling you to do so. It is also true that the solutions appear when we are in a peaceful mindset. 

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  1. Miriam says:

    Yes, very true. We all feel like that sometimes.

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    1. plankful says:

      It is comforting to know we all get to that point. There are many takeaways!!!

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