Birthday Wish

Today is my best friend’s Birthday. It’s fun to reflect on 25 years of friendship. Gail will tell you she didn’t like me, when she met me. It makes me wonder where I would be, if she stuck with her first impression that I was a snob. Luckily she decided to give me a chance. 
Gail is one of the kindest, generous and big hearted people I know. She is the first person to break the ice, give a compliment or go the extra mile. She also won’t put up with bull shit. She will call people out, ask the question everyone is thinking and give you her honest opinion. Over the years she has supported me, put up with me and challenged me. 
Gail has truly made me a better person. My Birthday wish for the world would be that everyone has a Gail. Someone that pushes you ever so gently out of your comfort zone, accepts you and values you.  Who is your Gail? 

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  1. Lucindafer says:

    My closest friend and I never quite got off on the right foot, we met in primary school and it wasn’t until year 10 in secondary school that we hit it off – we have remained best friends ever since!

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    1. plankful says:

      Love it! You never know!


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