Open The Flood Gates

My husband and I planned our wellness business for years before we opened our doors. We talked about what we wanted to do, why it would be different and who would be our clients. We would discuss the plan every chance we got. Our chats were like active vision boards. We came up with a picture of our goal, then figured out how to make it happen.

We have needed to be flexible, patient and open to all possibilities. We have taken chances, made mistakes and learned a lot. Our wellness business has continued to change and evolve. Initially we didn’t plan on providing group exercise classes in our barn. We will soon be offering 20 classes a week out there for up to 16 clients at a time.

What inspires you?

What’s your purpose? 

What do you visualize?

Do you get excited when you think about it?

Stay focused, write it down and do something every day that brings you closer!

Ride the enthusiasm wave! See where it takes you. Anything is possible! 


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  1. Congratulations! It’s exciting to see people’s visions become reality. I am still seeking a purpose I suppose and it gives me hope that I may someday figure it out when I see other people turn their dreams into something wonderful.

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    1. plankful says:

      The answers come to us when we are quiet. We get great ideas when meditating. Then we talk out the details. Go with the flow. Follow your heart.

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      1. Unfortunately the heart wants to go farther than the bank account can reach. But some quiet time is definitely in order

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