My 3 Magical Ms

I achieve the best results, when I am in the zone. It doesn’t matter what I’m working on. What mattered is my attitude/vibe. Things go smoothly, less effort is needed and I’m at peace when I can tap into my flow.
I know I’m slipping away, when I feel irritated, anxious or pissy. That is my clue I need to STOP. Stop forcing, stop focusing on problems, stop trying so hard. 

3 things give me an immediate mental/emotional shift.

1. Meditation 

2. Music

3. Movement 
Meditation eases the negative mind chatter. 

Music is an instant mood enhancer. 

Any kind of movement stirs the energy. 
Do my 3 Ms bring me from miserable to merry? Not totally. They do bring improvement bit by bit. At times that is just the miracle I need. 

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  1. danhodgeblog says:

    Soo good!! Love it šŸ™‚

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    1. plankful says:

      Thanks šŸ˜Š


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