Slightly Better


I woke up in a bad mood yesterday. This is unusual for me. I typically wake up excited to start my day. I knew my pissy disposition was a result of current stressors. I was on overload. In the moment, I wasn’t sure how to improve my state of mind. I just felt cranky. Part of me wanted to accept my irritability and go with it, but a bigger part wanted to feel like myself.
I talked to my husband. I meditated. I exercised. I spent time outside. I snuggled with the pets. I read from some of my favorite positive authors. I took a nap. Then I assessed. I felt slightly better! I was able to complete a few tasks, I wasn’t in the mood to do earlier. Then I repeated the cycle. If it worked once, could it work again? It did!

I wanted just one of those activities to put me on the fast track to happiness. However, improvement doesn’t usually go from 0-10 in an instant. Progress happens gradually and we may need to utilize many tools. Sometimes the momentum is so slow, it’s difficult to see the transition. There is a big space between miserable and joy. 
If you notice, I didn’t try to fix any of my problems. I tried to work on myself and my attitude. When I woke up this morning, I instantly knew I was back to my regular self. My circumstances haven’t changed, my mental state has. 

When our minds are racing, obsessing and making us nervous, that is a sign to take a break. Marianne Williamson says, “Meditation rests the mind the way sleep rests the body”. Meditation can be practiced in mini bursts when we need it. Just…Stop. Relax. Focus on your breath. If you feel slightly better, it’s working. If you don’t feel better, do it again until you do. 

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