After You

I was invited to participate in ” A National Night Against Violence. “The event took place at a city park. A city that is not known for its clean streets, nice people or peaceful ways. 
I sat on a bench in the shade waiting for my turn to speak. As I looked around I was bothered by how much trash was scattered about. There were about 15 teenagers playing basketball, listening to music and appeared unfazed by the people running around setting up for the presentations. I wondered how they felt about a bunch of adults on their turf.

I watched the organizers put the finishing touches on the tables, the decorations and set up. Then the organizers started to pick up the trash. The teens were watching too. They ran to help without being asked! I was in awe! The teens dropped everything to contribute. They made multiple trips with their hands full of bottles and papers, jamming them into the bins until they overflowed. 

I believe in the power of influence through role models in all aspects of life. This scene was one of the most inspirational validations of this philosophy I have ever seen roll out spontaneously before my eyes!
We are all capable of making a difference. Who will have the courage to go first?


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  1. Becky Keating says:

    I love this story. Thanks!

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    1. plankful says:

      I wish it was videotaped! There were videos and cameras set up for the speakers. But the magic was truly behind the scenes ❤️


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