Makes Me Love You More

Last May we picked up our adorable Saint Bernard puppy. Yesterday we were given the news all giant dog owners dread. Valentino was diagnosed with “extreme hip dysplasia”. The vet told us V’s hips are as bad as it gets, and it’s a progressive disease. My husband’s response brought a tear to my eye, “I…

Are You Feeling It?

When do you experience true enthusiasm? Do you wake up excited about what the new day will bring? What do you really really really want? It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we are in the mood. On the flip side, simple tasks can feel like a huge struggle if we are not into it….

Not When I’m Fat

I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years the other day. I told her, I checked her Facebook page a couple times and didn’t see anything. She replied, “You know I don’t post when I’m fat.” It made me think about what we put on hold until…  Until I have more money, I…

My 3 Magical Ms

I achieve the best results, when I am in the zone. It doesn’t matter what I’m working on. What mattered is my attitude/vibe. Things go smoothly, less effort is needed and I’m at peace when I can tap into my flow. I know I’m slipping away, when I feel irritated, anxious or pissy. That is…

What The What?

Naysayers used to piss me off. I would get caught up in listening to them, then defend myself, followed by self doubt. Do they know something I don’t? Should I believe them? Should I squash my plan? I’m learning to listen from a different perspective. When people give us unsolicited feedback, it has more to…

All Words Have Power 

I write my weekly blog on Tuesday mornings from the elliptical machine. While walking into the gym this morning I was pondering what today’s topic should be. The lady at the counter said, “I can’t wait to see your outfit. You always look so nice.” I turned, to see who she was talking to. Since…

Trying To Beat The System 

Losing weight takes dedication, focus and honesty. I know I am over simplifying. Yet I also think we tend to overthink the process. We can all come up with reasons/excuse why we can’t fit into our pants. We know what it takes to get to where we want to be. We just don’t do it….

Open The Flood Gates

My husband and I planned our wellness business for years before we opened our doors. We talked about what we wanted to do, why it would be different and who would be our clients. We would discuss the plan every chance we got. Our chats were like active vision boards. We came up with a…

Practice Practice Practice

I have facilitated hundreds of trainings, workshops and conferences. I still remember my first presentation. I didn’t prepare and it lasted 3 seconds. The feeling impacted me forever. What you think public speaking is like and what it’s actually like, are totally different.  Some say I’m a natural. I’m glad it looks that way. However,…

Not Me

  I was at a meeting recently with a substance abuse expert. Even though I am a therapist, my knowledge around substance use, misuse and prevention is limited. Everyone at the table rattled off questions to the specialist. We spent time discussing the contributing factors to why some kids try drugs and why some don’t….

All Is Well

Where’s your focus? Do you spend more energy thinking about what could go wrong or on what is going well? I believe in planning for the future. We need to be prepared. We don’t need to worry about every detail that could potentially go wrong.  There is a balance between thinking things through and obsessing….

Get Over It

Some events change us forever. For me it was a car accident. In 2000 I was stopped in traffic and got slammed into by an 18 wheeler. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember looking into my rear view mirror thinking,”Oh shit, I’m going to die!” I remember I couldn’t open my door….