Tell Me Something Good


“The convenience store up the street, got robbed.” “Someone told me they saw a needle in the parking lot.” “The humidity is just awful.” These are some of the greetings, I got from a lady in the gym locker room this week. No, “Hello. How are you? Did you see the cool new equipment?” She goes straight for the negative. When I see her coming, I attempt to dodge her dark cloud. These are not the conversations I want to have first thing in the morning. Or later in the day. Here’s a secret….Neither does anyone else. 
I feel confident she does not know, she oozes a pessimistic vibe and it repels people. I think it’s safe to assume, she thinks she is just making conversation. She’s just talking about what’s on her mind. 
Truth be told I can relate. I used to speak about circumstances, no matter how lousy they were, with no regard for how it would be received. My oblivious thought process was, “What? It’s true?” 

I have trained myself to be more aware of how my news will impact the other person. It is a work in progress. Totally worth the effort! 

Conversation considerations :

1. Interactions go better when the chatting is about, good stuff. People like to interact with people that make them feel good. 

2. Ask yourself, is it necessary? Not all bad news needs to be shared. 

3. If the depressing information needs to be spread, make it quick. No need to dwell and give every gruesome detail. Attempt to balance the information with something pleasant.

Asses your conversations. Where’s your focus? What people draw you in and who do you avoid? Analyze why that is.

Yes, I’m a therapist. It’s my job to hear about people’s struggles. When I’m in that role, bring it! Outside of the office, I want as much peace, love and joy I can get! I’m willing to bet your friends, coworkers and family enjoy the good stuff too.

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  1. Yes, this is so true! There are some people who only talk about the negative aspects of their environment. It seems that the more they see the negative, the better they become at seeing what’s wrong and what’s broken (and the less able to see what’s good). They seem to derive satisfaction and personal reward from being the canary in the cave. As the world disintegrates they will be the ones to say, with some glee, “I told you!” People like this are exhausting to be around; I feel so sorry for them.

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    1. plankful says:

      When I’m at the gym it’s my ” me time!” It’s how I get ready for the day. You said it right, negativity is exhausting, for them and us! I know I’m much happier when I focus on the good stuff!

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  2. Sammie Jay says:

    Reblogged this on Crazy Jumbled Life and commented:
    I have JUST begun on the journey of turning my thoughts and words into positive ones.

    If you find your mind saying, “But I just can’t stop.” You can, the thoughts aren’t your own. All you need is some help. Listen to a guided meditation, make a list of things you’re grateful for, ask for HELP! It works. Took me a full month to stop, but I did. You can too.

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  3. Sammie Jay says:

    Love this! It’s very possible to change your thoughts. 2 months ago, people didn’t wanna talk to me due to my negativity. It’s no one’s fault, but we drag others down when we can NEVER be happy! And it’s possible to look on the bright side! Thank you!

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    1. plankful says:

      When we’re in that place it can be all consuming. Everyone visits the dark place. It’s when we get stuck there and that’s all we do, see and spread that becomes problematic. It is possible to see the bright side! You just have to look harder sometimes. But we can get there!


  4. msw blog says:

    Negative is exhausting that’s why I start my day with the “happy” sections of the paper. I think you and your readers may enjo this post “Don’t Worry”


  5. So true…and that’s “good news!”

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