Not Me


I was at a meeting recently with a substance abuse expert. Even though I am a therapist, my knowledge around substance use, misuse and prevention is limited. Everyone at the table rattled off questions to the specialist. We spent time discussing the contributing factors to why some kids try drugs and why some don’t. There were the obvious variables. As a group we processed the, “Not me” component.
The counselor explained that young children are accepting of the facts about what drugs and alcohol will do to a person. Yet at a certain developmental stage, kids develop the belief, that won’t happen to me. 
I’ve been thinking about the “Not me” concept from an adult perspective. Once we cross the belief threshold, that bad stuff only happens to others, can we go back? 

In any given week I hear numerous clients say “I don’t drink hard liquor.” “Marijuana is legal.” “I gamble less than I used to.” All examples of, “Not me.” AKA, “I’m in the safe zone.”

Maybe they are in the safe zone. Maybe they aren’t. It’s worth considering, maybe it will happen to you. We all have aspects of ourselves that would improve if they saw the light of day. What would happen if we stopped minimizing and started owning? 


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  1. Mina Mac says:

    I keep to myself i practice celibacy don’t drink or do drugs or club

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  2. Powerful message here. Quite convicting!

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  3. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    Some diseases totally do not allow using any alcohol, for instance type I diabetes. It didn’t work well because sweet drinks raise sugars a lot and cause spikes, strong drinks lower sugar level a lot, so it becomes difficult to balance. I stopped using any type of alcohol in 2012, and it doesn’t feel wrong or like something is missing. It’s straight the opposite: I find one is much calmer and more relaxed.


  4. Great post! People should understand to be themselves and not allow others to control 😊

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